Inês Coelho da Silva



Born in 1996, Porto, Portugal

Lives and works in London, UK



MA in Sculpture

Royal College of Art, London, UK


BA in Fine Arts - Sculpture

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Porto, PT



The work I have been developing is based on a variety of materials that refer to the universe of sculpture: textile, found objects, glass, marble, wood and ceramics are allied to attitudes of drawing, painting and/or of performative acts. In the search for an autobiographical, or even confessional, exploration, I create several experimental scenarios where I express my worries, utopian ideas and real situations that have roots in my deepest desires. I make experiments with my own life, using sequences, calendars or repetitions to reflect about my perception of Time.

In some pieces, the use of the written word works as a vehicle for the accumulation of imperceptible information, simultaneously revealing and hiding intimate issues. In others, the scale of the pieces, the repetitions and the idea of obsession, with concern in the differentiating details, invoke situations of weariness and insistence, in a sharp contrast between the simplicity of its presentation and the complexity of its discourse.